Executive Leadership Development

Centered Person Consulting is a leading provider of executive leadership development, utilizing innovative approaches to facilitation to help executives develop their leadership skills and drive business growth.

Facilitated Collective Creativity

Centered Person Consulting recognizes that creativity is inherent in all individuals and focuses on creating an environment that allows for exploration and expression of ideas. Facilitation is centered on creating a safe and open space for participants to engage in active listening and respectful communication.

Customized Professional Development

Centered Person Consulting specializes in providing customized professional development solutions for C-Suite executives. Our approach is highly personalized and tailored to the specific needs of each executive, ensuring that the training and development is relevant and effective.

Leading & Mentoring

Building A Stronger Leadership Organization

Centered Person Consulting’s universal approach blends traditional counseling ideals with executive coaching strategies to improve personal and team awareness.  We call this blended approach “Mental Performance Coaching.”  Mental Performance Coaching increases awareness and enhances individuals’ ability to collaborate and lead both personally and professionally.

Mental performance is the ability to process information efficiently and identify connections between thought and action… In order to enhance these performance aspects, we audit thought processes through meaningful dialogue in an effort to reconstruct cognitive motivations associated with informational and behavioral stimuli.