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Dr. Thurman E. Webb Jr.

Founder / Owner / Life Coach

Robert Kennedy is quoted as saying “Some men see things as they are and ask ‘why?’ I dream things that never were and ask, ‘why not?’” This quote has encouraged me to both prioritize and define my life without making any apologies for my revelations. Over the years my teachings and personal experiences have taught me that leadership that influences, personal growth that empowers, and human interaction that fulfills, does not involve going against your personal morals and principles to meet the needs of others and more importantly yourself. It does involve nurturing and expanding those things that quench your emotionally, physically, and spiritually thirst.

Working as a Graduate level College Professor (Psychology Dept.), Licensed Professional School Counselor (PreK-12), and a Certified Life Coach I have come to embrace two creeds.  One I have labeled as a “reformist philosophy” and the other is a construct and theoretical approach I call “Annular Leadership.” These paradigms promote the idea that the role of teacher and student is forever coupled and interchangeable, therefore one cannot exist without existing as the other.  Helping individuals build themselves into who they ACTUALLY want to be, as opposed to projecting who they think they OUGHT to be has been my mission since I entered the helping profession.

I thoroughly enjoy the challenge of coaching. I enjoy experiencing the satisfaction of seeing individuals learn about themselves in relation to others, and things around them. While my self-actualization philosophy has not changed, my approach to coaching and conveying the material continues to evolve.

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